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is not over yet. paul deanno, it's not over yet. >>> cbs 5 high definition doppler is still showing some rainfall. we had widespread rainfall rates about a half inch of rain per hour. tonight scattered showers out there with very small pocket of moderate rainfall. one of those pockets is right over the top of heelsburg. some scattered showers around paulo alto. and walnut creeks. the break between these soakers round two and round three that continues tonight. there will be scattered showers over night and through the day on saturday but not the widespread heavy rainfall. that said, there's more heavy rain before we're done. that's why the flood watch haves gone nowhere. for the north bay and the coast. a flood watch for the russian river. the problem is the ground is saturated from the rainfall we got today. from morgan hill and paulo alto. three and a half inches for black hawk. san francisco at the airport. two inches of rain downtown. and 5.71-inch of rain in saint helena. a loft rainfall fell and there's a lot more to come. the flood watch expiration has change and the rain will get
monday evening to you, meteorologist paul deanno. the radar, hi-def doppler is dry right now, but guess what. more soaking rain heading towards northern california. find out when it's going to get here as we look live outside. your forecast is coming up. ,, ,,,,,, online outfit ,,,,,, piccolo headphones buy now broadway show megapixels place to sleep little roadster war and peace deep sea diving ninja app hipster glasses 5% cash back offenders. the a-c-l-u says that constitutes free speech protected by >>> a federal judge in san francisco is considering the use of social media by sex offenders. the aclu says that constitutes free speech protected by the u.s. constitution. the group is challenging a provision of prop 35 that voter- approved proposition requiring sex offenders give authorities a list of their internet providers and screen names. the judge gave no indication of how he might rule. >>> police are looking for three men who tied up a san francisco family and robbed them during an overnight break- in. it happened at a home on sloat boulevard in the pine lake park neighborhood.
but we are on the verge of a wet few days coming. chief meteorologist paul deanno is tracking the storm. >> it is almost here. it is slow to arrive. when it gets here, it's going to be here for a while. we have a lot of rain coming. let's get right to it. high-def doppler radar is showing rain moving in and we are picking up light to moderate rain up 101 from santa rosa almost down to rohnert park through windsor and clearlake and tal stowing ga hidden valley lake and we're looking at lakeport where we are picking up heavy rain now and calistoga. wind and this rainfall, a wind advisory in effect for those of us in san francisco and along the coast. sustained winds overnight 35 to 50 miles an hour. the big story is the rain with us for a couple of days. napa county, you will likely see two to five inches of new rainfall. and contra costa county two or three inches of rain in total by friday. so the rain is here. just about here. we have have the christmas forecast coming up. >> they killed a innocent person. i mean, it's retarded. >> and every an innocent bay area grandmother caught in t
. let's get right to it with chief meteorologist paul deanno. paul? >> things are getting much more active. lots of rainfall. lets get right to cbs 5 hi-def doppler which is showing you some pretty steady rainfall moving right toward the san francisco peninsula, there we go. about ten minutes away from invading the city. daly city, you're included in that. vacaville, fairfield, all the way up toward sacramento. look at this wide shot here. thunderstorms, so a couple hours to our north and west. that's the next wave of heavy rainfall that will move through. the rain, how about half a foot of new rain? more than two inches for santa rosa. it trails off when you get into the south bay but there's lots more coming over the weekend. snowfall in which one day, only one, will be mainly dry over the next week. coming up soon. >> paul. thanks for that. >>> the storm made a mess all over the bay area, especially, as paul says, the north bay. cbs 5 reporter elisa is in marin tonight. >> reporter: the rain is really starting to come down and we're starting to feel strong wind gusts, just the st
fair shopping center in san leandro this morning. we turn now to cbs 5 chief meteorologist paul deanno and paul, just how much did we get? >> we got more than an inch of rainfall again in many locations. want to show you first just what's going on right now that we are getting indeed that break from the rainfall. cbs 5 hi-def doppler dry from the north bay all the way south to san jose. san jose about a third of an inch of rainfall yesterday. christmas rainfall for san rafael more than an inch. another inch of rain for san francisco. another inch of rain for oakland. half a foot of rainfall now officially in san francisco making this is wettest month of the year. we almost had this much in march. we'll talk about our next rain chance and how much rain to expect then coming up in about 10 minutes in your full forecast. >> thank you. >>> the rain here, well, you know, that means snow not in sierra. this is nyack on i-80 and drivers heading to the mountains can expect some slippery roads, chain controls and just slow going. you can track the next round of rain that's moving in anytime o
. >>> if you thought it was cold today bundle up tonight. chief meteorologist paul deanno says some places could be in the 20s. >> we have not been this cold since january. it's been cold the past couple nights. people say it's cold. it's early. not even winter yet. tonight we hit bottom. for alameda that means 36. early-morning in cupertino 34. frost advisory for you. how about clearlake and the north bay? upper 20s tonight. areas shaded in red the north bay under a freeze warning for tomorrow morning. the east bay and south bay almost all the way up to san francisco up the pins under a frost advisory which means which means bring the pets inside and cover up the tender vegetation. here are the specifics. santa rosa down to 29. oakland 37. mountain view 35. pacifica, san francisco right around 40. and concord, walnut creek and livermore and pleasanton flirting with the freezing mark tonight. now, details on the extended forecast not about the cold it's about the rain, find out when that will arrive and more importantly when it's going to move out coming up in a few short minutes. >>> we w
bastida has the night off. >> and i'm dana king. let's get right to it with chief meteorologist paul deanno, who is tracking storm no. 3 on cbs 5 hi-def doppler. >> we have storm no. 3, not here yet. it will be about 24 more hours before the meat of that storm moves in. the hi-def doppler looking a lot dryer tonight. this time last night, we had all that pouring rain. that said, it's not dry everywhere. along alexander valley road, we're looking at some light to moderate showers there. cloverdale, we're wet. but we are dry from san francisco all the way up to san mateo. further south to mountain view and cupertino. this break continues. we'll see scattered showers on and off. but there's more heavy rainfall before we're finished. because of that next round of rain, storm no. 3, the flash flood watch for the north bay and the mountains continues. the flood watch for the russian river continues. rainfall totals from earlier today, morgan hill, palo alto, two-plus inches of rain. three inches for blackhawk. san francisco, at the airport, nearly two inches of rainfall. we do have changes
. these are pictures from the last hour. let's get to meteorologist paul deanno on the latest when the next wave will arrive. >> tracking the rainfall with cbs 5 high def doppler radar. and it is pouring in san francisco. how about that. this is ahead of the next big wave. this is bonus rainfall if you will, though i doubt many people call it bonus. san francisco out by the airport, north across the golden gate to mill valley, over to richland, down to oakland, we're looking at heavy rainfall and light to moderate rain as well. and san jose and cupertino getting rain. and widespread rainfall totallies of 1 to 2 inches. that's why we have a flash flood watch for the north bay, the coast and the mountains and a flood warning for the napa river and the russian river and it's going to be windy as well. wind advisory for the coast and mountains for wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour. this happens round number 3. we'll talk about what happens once this moves out. that's coming up in the full forecast in a few minutes. >>> two rivers to the north are being watched closely tonight. the napa and russian
wars. chief meteorologist paul deanno joining us and he is busy tracking the next storm heading our way. >> it's going to be a busy night. there's one bit of good news that the heavy rainfall is coming in early december as opposed to to january and february. if these rivers were already running as high as they normally are in the middle of winter, this would be a major problem. instead it's just a less major of a problem. there's a lot of rainfall coming tonight. mild, too. mild today with highs in the mid-60s. san francisco 62. concord 61, santa rosa 59. here's high def doppler. lots of colors already. i want to focus on guerneville because we'll see light rain, and will pick up in intensity as the night goes on. santa rosa getting light moderate rain. and here's heavier showers where the napa river is under a flood warning. the city of napa getting heavy rain and light to moderate rainfall on 580, 680. hayward getting some rainfall right now. let's talk specifics. the russian river at guerneville, a 35-foot crest, 3 feet above flood stage. it will hit the crest 11:00 monday mortgage.
on the peninsula. how they prevented damage to an apartment complex. good evening. let's get right to paul deanno for more on the rain that's still coming. >> we have a lot of rainfall out there. showers are letting up right now. this is about 4 or 5 hours ahead of the bigger rainfall. that's going to move in overnight tonight. all the rain that was out there this evening, some of you got a half an inch of rain. that's ahead of this round three. what's left from this preamble, if you will? a few light showers. otherwise we are drying out temporarily. look at all that mess to our north. that is what is moving in overnight tonight. that is what will give usa sunday soaker and exacerbate our flooding problems. live picture to show you from napa. rain hasn't let up in the north bay. a little lighter than it was before. still very soggy. since wednesday santa rosa, you're creeping up on 1 half foot of rainfall since wednesday. nearly 3 inches of rain for san francisco. more than 2 inches of rain for oakland. the rain is going to pick up again after midnight. heavy rain is likely throughout the morning
. and chief meteorologist paul deanno says he knows one thing. more rain is on the way. >> flooding rainfall is done but there is more rain on the way. so watch high definition doppler light up this time tomorrowment a few slight showers out there right now. in sonoma county they've moved through. a few slight showers offshore. rainfall as you get closer to clearlake and redding and eureka. rain will arrive first in the north bay. but flooding rainfall is not likely. i'll explain why and how that has an impact on the entire seven day forecast coming up. >>> more trouble for comedian cat williams. he was thrown out of a seattle hotel tonight after being arrested for a bar fight. all that comes after this video surfaced. allegedly showing williams punching a target security guard. the 19-year-old guard says it started with williams giving him a hard time for selling his personal motorcycle helmet. and then it got physical. >> he approached me and the argument got escalated. and that's when he hate me. people are saying it's worth millions of dollars and he just cost me my job. >> the security
. chief meteorologist paul deanno with what we can expect. >> a rough commute tomorrow morning and afternoon as well. cbs 5 high def doppler tracking the rain. enough to show things down. mill valley south of san francisco. richmond. am riville. berkeley getting showers and heavier showers as you head north towards santa rosa. your commute tomorrow will be wet. showers from north bay down to morgan hill. details on how long the rain will stick around. your entire workweek forecast coming up in a few minutes. >>> if the mayan calendar doesn't get us we're due to fall of the fiscal cliff. tonight each side insists the other party's plan is impossible. they're dismissing the president's proposal. democrats complain the gop plan is way too vague. the president won't sign anything that doesn't increase taxes for the wealthy. the gop counter offer calls for raising 800 billion in revenue without raising tax rates. >> if washington can't reach a deal cbs reporter jim axle rod says your paycheck is going to feel it. >> the payroll tax cut has given this family an extra $70 a month to s
to toss it to paul deanno for the last time. >> oh, for the 15 weeks we've worked together. >> you know what, i adore you, and i wish you the best of luck. >> thank you. and you've always made the new guy feel welcome, which is big. very appreciated. let's talk about some weather now. get you outside. it's friday night. chilly. check out santa rosa. 39 degrees. san francisco, 53. here's where we're going tonight. upper 30's. santa rosa, napa. livermore down to 38. perfect night for ice skating. folks enjoying a beautiful night in san jose on the ice. the nice doesn't need any help to stay frozen because we dropped down to 8 degrees above freezen tonight. good news. as we head through the weekend, it's going to be excellent outside. we're at 87% of normal, the snow pack, compared to last year's 36%. here's good news for your sunshine over the weekend. if you want to go shopping, go outside and rake all those leaves, high pressure is going to block all of the storms, take them up up into the pacific northwest, and we will stay high and dry for next four days, all the way through tuesday.
as the bumpers of several suv's. >>> paul deanno, king tides, because not only did we have the lunar tides but we're actually closer to the sun and moon right now. it's pretty cold already. we have a frost advisory in effect. lots of rain moving back in. i'll have that coming up too. >>> plus, arrests following the death of singer jenny rivera. >>> why the new movie "the hobbit" is making some sick to their stomachs. >>> and the incredible meteor showers right now. ,,,,,,,,,, trip home to southern california. her remains arri f0 mexican-american singing star jenni rivera has made her final trip home to southern california. her remains arrived by private plane about 90 minutes ago. rivera and six others died on sunday when their small jet crashed near monterey, mexico. meantime, we've learned that two police officers have been arrested for allegedly looting the crash site. items stolen from the site were allegedly found at the officers' homes. >>> it may be the single most common complaint in the world of television, that commercials are just too darn loud. you know what we're talking about. start
diet soda. >>> meteorologist paul deanno here. if you're looking for a different weather forecast than what we've had. it's been cloudy and wet. it's been cloudy and wet. all the ,,,,,,,, [ game announcer ] touchdown! and here comes the dunk. [ male announcer ] everyone loves to dunk. ♪ [ game announcer ] will he dunk it? yes, he will. [ male announcer ] mcdonald's tender, juicy chicken mcnuggets in creamy ranch and spicy buffalo sauce. just $4.99 for 20 of your favorite chicken mcnuggets. ♪ [ game announcer ] will he dunk it? yes, he will. [ male announcer ] more ways to love mcnuggets. hill neighborhood. police tell us they did find a sho he suspect's apar . >>> new details in a tense police stand off in san franciscos knob hill neighborhood. police are telling us they found a shotgun in a suspect's apartment. a report of a domestic dispute saturday night. the man may have been armed. the suspect surrendered peacefully. he's being held on suspicion of domestic violence. >>> a crazy scene at bay area mall tonight. linda yee is at the mall in san francisco to explain. >> reporter:
. >> layers upon layers. chief meteorologist paul deanno is in the weather senor. >> tonight is a three dog night. lit be cold. coldest since january 17. here are the numbers for you. union city will drop to 35 degrees santa clara. frost advisory for all of the south bay. all of the east bay, most of thes in layerspennine peninsula. >> a scare at a bay area college this evening. a lock down for three hours after someone reported seeing a gunman on campus. now police showed up, didn't find anything, but cbs five reporter kiet do. >> reporter: these photos show police officerrers searching room by room. >> we definitely barricaded down. made sure we were not where anyone could look n. we were afraid. >> reporter: around 4:30:00 p.m. college police got a phone call of a black male suspect wearing a white t shirt armed with a gun at the tech center building. officers swarmed in, lock down the entire campus an other the next few hours, students where released from their barricaded classrooms. officers searched the tech building, but there was no suspect or gun. ingly don't know if this was a ho
? the new ingredient being added to a popular diet soda. >>> meteorologist paul deanno here. if you're looking for a different weather forecast than what we've had. it's been cloudy and wet. all the way out to christmas eve we'll go in the forecast, coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, hill neighborhood. police tell us they did find a sho he suspect's apartm . >>> new details in a tense police stand off in san franciscos knob hill neighborhood. police are telling us they found a shotgun in a suspect's apartment. a report of a domestic dispute saturday night. the man may have been armed. the suspect surrendered peacefully. he's being held on suspicion of domestic violence. >>> a crazy scene at bay area mall tonight. linda yee is at the mall in san francisco to explain. >> reporter: it was a momentary scare at a busy mall. somebody spotted sparks on the roof and called the fire department. aerial ladders were set up in case rescues were necessary. but it was a small grease fire in the flew of two restaurants. classrooms on the top floors were told to leave their classrooms and at on
danger. as paul deanno tells us, we're seeing more rain. >> tis the season. we have these storms coming in every couple of days or so. with this particular storm moving in next, it's not going to be as intense or wet as the last several. tonight it's all about clear skies and chilly temperatures. we're already in the low 40's for livermore. upper 40's for san jose, san francisco and oakland. we'll all get down close to 40 coming up tonight. hi-def doppler very active last night. active this morning when elizabeth had the forecast for you. right now we're getting a break. nothing on the radar. temperatures tonight, it's going to be chilly, likely the heater will turn over a couple times tonight. fremont, 38. tomorrow morning in napa, 36. san francisco and oakland, low to mid 40's. here's the setup in the atmosphere. we still have a light to moderate on shore flow. high pressure building in tonight. building in tomorrow. keeping us dry, but not for long, just for tomorrow and the first half of friday, before the next low pressure area moves in. but this one doesn't have as much moisture i
, we'll be looking at excess water rather than a water shortage. >> reporter: meteorologist paul deanno says the mounting snow pack, already 146% higher than normal, means the state's reservoirs will be in good supply. >> it's almost like putting water in a bank and then saving it for summertime, when we get virtually no rainfall. >> my gut feeling is this is going to be a good year for us. >> reporter: john is a water manager in southern california, where part of l.a.'s water supply, is already 90% full. >> we've got water lapping over the road right now. in a bad year, what do you see? >> you just see barren dirt. dry dirt, when the water level goes down. >> reporter: the difference between wet and dry years can be dramatic, and until recently, long-range forecasts suggested the storms would miss california again this winter. >> frankly, we did not see this coming. the predictions initially were for dryer-than-normal conditions. the exact opposite has happened so far. >> reporter: with weather being temperamental, california needs to collect all the water it can. >> the more you can k
. >>> and we are not out of the woods yet. chief meteorologist paul deanno with the next system coming in and new text nothing that will help us better understand the storms. >> perfect timing from the weather. we'll have more on that in a second. let's look at the rainfall that we received. we got a month's worth of rainfall, a december's worth of rainfall, in san francisco, in just five days. we averaged 4.0" in december and we received 4.08." other areas napa 10" of rain, kentfield nearly 10." 7.5" for danville. not completely rain-free. it's not going to be a flood producer. it's not going to be anything compared to what we had over the weekend but there is some rain being tracked now on hi- def doppler that will arrive tomorrow. perfect timin. the national weather service talked about atmospheric rivers today. we call them the pineapple express storms. they are going to set up four different monitoring sites in california one of them in bodega bay the first one that opened up today. they are going to measure low level winds, relative humidity and soil moisture and here's the benef
, cbs 5. >>> good evening to you, meteorologist paul deanno with your forecast. cbs 5 hi-def doppler is dry right now but we are going to be doing a really, really good seattle impersonation. find out when it's going to begin and how about an outlook all the way through christmas? i have that for you coming up next. >>> baseball's biggest slugger makes a decision. was it with the giants? i'm dennis o'donnell and we are going to go one on one with jim harbaugh as the 49ers get set for their biggest game of the year. come on, smile. smile. smile. y wirelevers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get u-verse tv for $29 a month for six months. secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your hea
change is on the horizon. julie watts is in for meteorologist paul deanno with more on the chilly temperatures coming our way. >> the good news is if i are tired of chilly temperatures we're going to see more mild temperatures. but they come are ran and wind. one or the other. they come with rain and wind. outside temperatures dropping rapidly this evening. right now current temperatures anywhere from low 40s to low 50s. certainly a bit more mild by the bay in oakland and san francisco where we're around 50. temperatures dropping overnight not as chilly as yesterday. temperatures for most folks likely in the mid- to upper 30s although a few spots will likely hit freezing. the rain returns tomorrow afternoon and we stay wet and windy through the extended forecast. i'll have details coming up in a bit. >> thank you. >> done nothing for us but try to bring us down. >> shut down because of prostitution. why a notorious bay area motel looks like it will reopen. >> just one day out of the blue they were all gone. >> a rash of bizarre bay area thefts. what used to be here on the sidewal
5 chief meteorologist paul deanno keeping an "eye on the storm" with live high-def doppler radar. >> it's been a sloppy day with wind gusts over 40 miles per hour. and also, a lot of rainfall out there. two inches of rain for the north bay. right now though we are getting a break. cbs 5 hi-def doppler showing showers around milpitas, north of hayward and walnut creek and pleasanton and danville getting showers and new showers heading toward palo alto and los altos. we need a break especially in the north bay. mountains more than half a food of rain over the past 24 hours, santa rosa more than 2", larkspur nearly one inch of rainfall a lot less in the central and south bay. let's take you out to some of the pictures from today's downpours. last-minute holiday shopping today. this video from union square in san francisco this morning. up north a section of highway collapsed today. part of the highway 162 in membered seen no county gave way after storm -- in mendocino county gave way after storm rains. a tractor-trailer drove across the area, the axle fell into the hole which is 20
. back to you. >> thank you. >>> all right. let's go to paul deanno and our little slice of earth likes to move around here sometimes. >> it has been known to move from time to time. that makes things a logical worse, so does the rainfall that we have had for four or five straight weeks. anywhere from 6 to 15" of rainfall. this is a much different picture what a beautiful sunset captured with our mount vaca cam where our high-def doppler radar is located. we cleared out the rain. we cleared out much of the cloud cover and had a gorgeous sunset. now we talk about where we are right now. obviously dark but a beautiful shot here from our new hd oakland airport camera look back at san francisco and the bay bridge. highs today did make it to the mid- to upper 50s. oakland topped the bay area contest if you will for highs. high of 58 degrees. sonoma 56. concord, santa rosa 55. redwood city, san francisco, 54. there's the radar. we would need two weeks or so to reduce the landslide threat. we had showers at lunchtime. we had scattered showers but that instability pushed south and right now we'
, cbs 5. >> the weekend is upon us. paul deanno, batten down the hatches. >> we are requesting to see a lot of action later on this weekend. weiner now and then we have 24 hours of just scattered showers. not banner weather to get out but you will be able to get to point a to point b better than this morning. cloudy in livermore. san francisco 60. traffic looking good on the bay bridge toward san francisco. not so good this morning. we had a lot of water out there. can't get on that flooded road. alemany looking at flooding there in san francisco. yes. we had flooded roads there, as well. what happens is, the water piles up quickly. we turn to the strongest radar in the bay area to cbs 5 hi-def doppler. seeing scattered showers not wide spread but watch out richmond, watch out hercules, watch out the i-80 corridor the other side of the bay bridge seeing showers also for san rafael for berkeley and for oakland. here's the setup. the big low pressure area steering these storms hasn't moved and we are watching mother nature reload with all this moisture over here out in the pacific headi
meteorologist paul deanno is using hi-def doppler to track this next round of rain. paul. >> reporter: -- it's not going to be as severe as last week. zooming out you can see light to moderate rainfall as you head toward clearlake reasoning and redding. this is all offshore and will arrive tomorrow. look at these totals. you can see why we had such widespread problems. here's what's coming up next. there is rain in the forecast. it will arrive in the north bay first as soon as tomorrow afternoon. showers likely for all of us by tuesday evening. as for flooding or any heavy rainfall, that is not likely. i'll explain why and through will impact entire seven-day forecast coming up in a couple of minutes. >>> thank you. and remember, our interactive high-def doppler radar is at your fingertips. just lock on to our website, cbssf.com/weather anytime of day or night and stay ahead of the storm. >>> a 17-year-old becomes san jose's 43rd homicide victim. part of a rising violence problem in the south bay. cbs 5 reporter len ramirez in san jose with how the city struggles to control the rising murder
have reporters covering the storm all over the bay area. let's begin with chief meteorologist paul deanno with a look at our hi-def doppler. >> hi-def doppler is paining an excellent picture right now because we need a break and hi- def doppler is showing that break. right now. there's very little rainfall out there. there will be scattered showers but not that widespread heavy rainfall that we saw this morning. the bull's eye for those heavier showers the mountains of marin county and on highway 101 we are seeing heavier showers, as well. so here's what's going on. round 2 finished. but we have one more round to go. round 3 is going to get here over the weekend. scattered showers between now and then with the heaviest rainfall. right now computer forecast models say what's coming is going to be heavier than what we just had. the ground is saturated. that's why there could be a problem. the ground can't hold anhi
since. let's get right to chief meteorologist paul deanno for the timing on this last wave of rain. >> what you had this evening appeared to be heavy enough that you may have thought it was that last wave of rainfall but actually it was a couple hours before the main event. hi-def doppler tracked that heavy rainfall all evening long, especially over the peninsula, the bay area, and the richmond-san rafael bridge. just a few light showers along 101, san rafael to mill valley. that is what is going to move through tomorrow night. rainfall total since wednesday, i added them up. five and a half inches of rain for santa rosa. nearly three for san francisco. more than two for both oabd oakland and concord. heavy rain tomorrow morning. it will be windy, with urban flooding and street flooding likely. flood warnings are in effect for both the napa river and the russian river. details on what happens after this round 3 coming up in a few minutes. >>> paul just showed us no place in the bay area is dry tonight. the peninsula and the santa cruz were some of the areas that saw plenty of rain.
is especially important as more wet weather is moving into the bay area this evening. chief meteorologist paul deanno is tracking the storm on our high-def doppler radar. >> the radar is getting more active, elizabeth. right now rainfall is in the north bay not to san francisco yet. it looks like like it's going to rain but it's going to be several more before that rain arrives. where it is raining now is lake county, northern sonoma county and mendocino county. cloverdale has some showers. it's raining steadily right over top of clear lake. our computer forecast model says do not worry about flooding with this particular rain event. we are looking at most about 3/4" of rain for the far north bay. aside from that just regular rain. the forecast is coming up. >>> contra costa county's fire protection district is closing four five houses. the ones in walnut creek, clayton and martinez, will close after january 1. the 4th in lafayette is already closed. the county's top fire official says the loss of property taxes and a failed tacts measure in november caused the district to burn through its cas
in redwood city, i'm mark sayre, cbs 5. >> thank you. >>> let's go to paul deanno and more concern is rain is coming in. >> we have a decent amount of rainfall spread out over time. we are talking about five of the next seven days have a chance of rain. you saw showers out there today but the widespread issue was the cold weather. here's a peek outside. skies are just clearing out as the sun goes down which will lead to another cold night tonight. temperatures outside right now, concord down to 48, livermore 47. had concord only had a high today of 51 degrees. that's the coldest afternoon since march 24 of last year, 631 days ago, nearly two years it's been since we have had an afternoon as chilly as you just had in concord. here's where we are heading tonight. concord 35, fremont 35 near freezing for san rafael, napa and fairfield. here's cbs 5 hi-def doppler, the only showers we are seeing down in the south bay. you just had some heavier showers in los gatos and campbell. san jose seeing showers along 680 close to milpitas. these are all moving southeast now moving into the mountains and
. paul deanno joins us with a look at some chilly temperatures. >> this will be the coldest weather since mid-january widespread in the bay area. some will be down in the 20s. look at the numbers. tonight's lows early tomorrow morning, san leandro down to 36 chilly degrees. the frost advisory is in effect for palo alto 34 and how about 27 for clearlake? so the north bay interior away from the ocean, you're under a freeze warning for tonight and early tomorrow. a frost advisory in effect for the east bay, south bay including san jose. so think about bringing fido inside tonight. and also protect the tender vegetation if you can. tonight's lows santa rosa, napa, fairfield, upper 20s. redwood city 35. san jose 34. freezing for concord. and san francisco all the way down to 40 degrees for the first time this year. it's not going to last because we have another weather change to talk about. details on that that involves an umbrella. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you. >>> we're following breaking news in san leandro. chopper 5 is overhead at the peloton shopping center where a u.s
. >>> the rain is back and it's hanging out for a while. our meteorologist paul deanno has the hi-def doppler cranked up. >> it is fired up and getting some pretty serious returns in the north bay right now. moderate rainfall coming down in northern sonoma county, also mendocino county. check out santa rosa up to cloverdale and into mendocino county. moderate rain but zero rainfall for san francisco and down the peninsula all the way down to san jose. and the east bay is still dry. you'll get your rain starting tonight and tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning the wind is going to kick up. sustained kinds 20 to 30 miles per hour. but along is the coast and the city, we will likely see wind gusts to 50 miles per hour. all told, once the storm system is out of here, we'll have 2 to 5 inches of rain for napa county. the radar is active tonight. details on when the rain is going to move out, perhaps in time for christmas, coming up in a few minutes. >> we'll see you then. thanks, paul. >>> if you are flying anywhere for the holidays tomorrow, good luck. that's what you're going to face. the airlines
in parts of the bay area right now. chief meteorologist paul deanno tracking the wet weather it our live high-def doppler radar. >> the strongest radar in town is picking up light to moderate showers. if you are watching us in marin, sonoma, lake, mendocino counties, you have showers out there. you will notice it's not as heavy, not as widespread as what we saw a few days ago just some regular old rainfall moving through but it will be wet for the latter part of the evening commute. and our futurecast forecast model says we could get about .75" of rain towards santas rose, ukaih, clearlake but much less than that around san francisco, concord, redwood city. likely less than a .25". rainfall in total. coming up in weather we'll talk about how long this rain is going to stick around and a big pattern change to our weather. we have earned. more coming up. >> you can track the storm anytime with our live high-def doppler radar on our website, cbssf.com/weather. >>> what they did was violent and evil. >> his teenaged daughter beaten in the bay area what makes this crime even more disturbing.
the u.s. economy $1 billion a day. >>> all right, roberta gonzales. in for paul deanno, good to see you. >> always good to see you, dana and allen. [ laughter ] >> both of you. i think you guys just allowed me it come in to dry off for a couple of days here after a soaking week. boy, today did we have plenty of precipitation around the bay area. good evening, everyone. let's go ahead to berkeley where today, nearly 9/10ths of an inch of rain fell just today alone so people were out and about with their umbrellas and everybody has been asking, what does this mean for the high sierra? this is our weather camera in the greater lake tahoe area. we did have two feet of snow above 7,000 feet but for the most part high temperatures there today was in the upper 40s. a very warm storm. but right now, it's live, it's high-def doppler radar. it's still picking up some very light precipitation. primarily around highway 101 for the evening commute. anywhere from morgan hill all the way into gilroy but that's it. the system is out of here after producing some copious amounts of rain today. a third of
'll tell you which products and what's in them coming up. >> good evening to you, meteorologist paul deanno nothing on the radar tonight but plenty of cloud cover out there. mostly cloudy skies over the bay bridge, oakland and san francisco. find out when the sunshine is going to come back coming up in my forecast in about 6 minutes. ,,,,,,,, perilous stretch of road in millbrae, crossing the stres more like running the gaunt. >>> it shouldn't take a leap of faith to step off a curve. but in millbrae one street is more like running the gauntlet and has been that way for years. reporter mark sayre shows us not much is being done about it. >> reporter: caltrans says veteran to lights are in the works for one of these dangerous crosswalks and a full traffic signal is being considered for another and strobe lights for one. for betsy, crossing el camino real is a daily routine. but with a total of six lanes of traffic to navigate here at santa helena avenue, it is no easy task, even though pedestrians have the legal right of way notice that no cars stop and she has to wait for a break in traffi
/01/01, january 1, 2101. you'll be dead! mike sugerman, cbs 5. >>> brian hackney in for paul deanno and we're about to put this evening to rest. >> yes. 12/12/12. >> absolutely. >> yes. and the showers and everything else but not for long. nevertheless, we have a great light show on the way for the bay area tomorrow night. first outside we had showers not much, about .10". we are looking toward the golden gate bridge. the city picked up a little less than .10". it will be freezing in some of the inland locations, patchy, dense fog, as well. right now 47 at concord, 53 oakland. but most of the rain is headed south. the hi-def doppler is picking up nary an echo out there except a little out at the central valley. for us it's left us mostly behind. we expect things to get sunny tomorrow, then the clouds increase hopefully late tomorrow night and it looks like there's a chance of showers on friday. stay tuned on that. but what's happened is low pressure that was over the bay area has now pushed south. the rain is in the vicinity of san luis obispo. speaking of san luis obispo, you know, that's
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